Stairs, Steps, and Ladders

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Stairs, Steps, and Ladders.

The different ways humans have discovered to move up and down to get from one floor to one another.  Stairs, ladder, escalators help us out in so many ways.  Not everyone is a rock climber and these methods help us have a more convent life.  Have fun with this challenge this week.

A doorway in Folsom
Stairway along Wool Street
Looking down from Lake Natoma Crossing
Steps on a forgotten trail
Down to the engine room, SS Jeremiah O’Brien
Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor
Miner’s cabin, Folsom Pioneer Village
Dam building
Looking up from the beach, Negro Bar SP
View from the top, plus a ground squirrel

WPC: Cherry on Top

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of July 22, 2016.

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Sometimes the cherry on top can  be a touch of color in an otherwise ordinary day.



Sometimes it can be some unexpected bit of decoration spotted purely by accident.



Sometimes it’s a sight that you never expected to see!

I aimed at the birds — and captured a mutant mosquito!

And sometimes the cherry on top is . . . well, a cherry.


Tracks & Trains

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this weeks is Tracks.

This week’s topic is Tracks – trains, rail tracks anything to do with tracks.  For those who remember my Cee’s Which Way Challenge you were allowed to show train tracks, but not trains unless you could see the actual tracks too.  In this challenge you can show off your train photos as well.  Have fun with this challenge this week. Use your imagination if you want for this theme.

For a few minutes I thought about going completely off the rails with something like this:

But since I love trains so much, how could I pass up such a great opportunity to share some of my favorite images?

Capitol Corridor train in Emeryville, California
Downtown Sacramento

Folsom roundhouse-1-edit

Folsom roundhouse-2-edit
Folsom roundhouse
California Zephyr in Roseville, CA

Mexico Monday, Week 1

Welcome to the first installment of Mexico Monday!

After (belatedly) doing a little math last night, I realized that if I share one picture each week it would take me 2 years (!) to finish the first bunch of slides.  And so I decided to post 2-3 images each week, at the very least.

IMG_0002-edit frame
Summer 1972

Also, one of my awesome readers, Galen911, has asked about the scanner I’m using and my setup.  I wanted to go with something fairly inexpensive and simple, and I wound up buying my scanner off Amazon.  It’s a Bower Negative and Slide Scanner, model SD502, and I really like it — but I had a problem initially.

I was a little overeager when shopping, and I bought the scanner without realizing it’s not compatible with anything after Windows XP — oops!  I’m running Windows 7 currently, and the scanner software refused to work.


Luckily, I never throw anything away; I still had my (quite beloved) old Windows XP computer sitting around unused.  I’m able to scan the slides onto that, and then transfer them to the newer computer for editing and archiving.

Summer 1970, Tatlaya

In regard to the images, I’ll try to provide some info about them when possible, but my dad didn’t leave too many notes and my memories are pretty vague, given that I was so young.

1970 — Colima; Dodge

Thanks for sharing these memories with me, and I’ll have a few more next week!